Joseph Mendez III Bio

In 1985 working at a Nissan Dealership was the beginning of my introduction to the world of custom cars. This was the era of the mini truck, they were everywhere. I eventually joined the mini truck scene and bought a 1985 Nissan Hard body. Also gaining a following was the Euro Look for the cars, that look involved attaching rubber kits that made the cars look lower and sleek looking. I again joined that group of custom car enthusiast.

Left civilian life for the military life, and a few years later returned to home to work at the local university. Three years after I arrived the custom car bug started to whisper in my ear this time in the form of creating a custom car competition event. 1996 was the start of producing a local car show called Super Saturday. The third year I wanted to develop a car show that would rival other national events and that led to a top notch event called The Lowrider Nationals. That event created a news firestorm, every lowrider video company, lowrider magazine, Television station and national news coverage whether it was English or Spanish wanted to cover the event.

On the competitor aspect it was a Who’s Who with every major hydraulic and wire wheel company making their appearance at the show. Famous car clubs, major world low rider champs from all over the United States made an appearance hoping to become a National Champion.

In 2003 I sold the Lowrider Nationals and began a new phase in my life. This thought in my head was could I build a car that people would like, and The Yellow Rose a 1961 Impala convertible was built and it hit centerfold status fast and buyers came calling.

After that another car caught my fancy it was a 1962 Impala convertible I named, Rags To Riches. That car also made the centerfold status, SEMA car, NACE car, Coker Tire Ad car, Motor of The Month for Lowrider Magazine, Semi-Custom Class Champion and several accolades.

At this stage I am currently building another 1961 Impala convertible that has a very promising career ahead of it.

I thank everyone who took the time to read my bio and look forward to maybe some day talking with my lowrider people.

1. 1968 saw my first lowrider a Ford LTD…I was 13 years old.
2. 1985 bought my first mini truck and joined “Ground Level Mini’s”.
3. 1986 bought my first Euro car the Nissan Sentra Xenon body kit.
4. 1986 Organized first custom car show at Nissan Dealership.
5. 1996 Organized a lowrider car show at California State University, Bakersfield
6. 1997 Super Saturday lowrider car show at Sports Complex Bakersfield.
7. 1998 Lowrider Nationals at the Kern County Fairgrounds
8. 2003 sold Lowrider Nationals.
9. 2005 built my first lowrider, 1961 Impala convertible called The Yellow Rose.
10. 2006 built my second lowrider 1962 Impala convertible called, Rags To Riches.
11. 2011 Along with the Toledo brothers started a magazine called, Lowrider Scene Magazine.
12. 2016 started 3rd lowrider build 1961 Impala convertible called, GodSide, in progress.

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